Benefits of being an Aprocam Partner

Marketing your Products Directly for Export

The marketing of the products of our partners go directly for export, thanks to Aprocam we have direct customers who buy our products in different parts of the world, that way the product does not go through intermediaries and better profits are obtained.

Productive Project Management in Favor of All Partners

For the achievement or obtaining personal goals and objectives of our partners, Aprocam supports the management of productive projects from the beginning to the end, which cannot be left to the spontaneity of those who want to develop them, that is why knowledge has been elaborated or systematized so the necessary activities can be organized step by step to achieve them.

Personalized Technical Assistance in Cocoa and Coffee Crops

As Aprocam partner, technical assistance is provided for cocoa and coffee cultivation. We organize talks and training directly at the place of cultivation, these are taught by experienced personnel and specialized in organic coffee and cocoa that are based on the standards of the certifiers such as: ImoCert and FairTrade. The benefits of these assistances lead to the economic growth of the producers since they increase their production in quantity and quality.

Participations of Partners in Decentralized Meetings at National and International Level

Our partners can participate in decentralized meetings at national and international level since there is an equality of rights.

Socialization work with Native Communities

Socialization with native communities is a necessity since our native and non-native partners interact to exchange experiences in coffee and cocoa crops, individuals learn specific knowledge, develop their potentials and skills necessary for adequate participation in social life and they adapt to the forms of organized behavior, characteristic of their society.

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