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APROCAM is a non-profit organization that groups small coffee and cocoa producers of the districts of La Peca, Copallín, and Imaza in the province of Bagua, in Amazonas region. Currently 59.96% belong to the Awajun ethnic group in the Imaza district. Of the total number of members, 17.40% are women, 100% of the members have active participation in decision-making for the proper running of the institution. They also share in solidarity the risks and benefits generated by their activities. Have Organic certification and promote Fair Trade. It is legally constituted and registered in Public Registries, with Electronic Part No. 11001346 and Ruc No.: 20480458550. It is registered as a legal domicile on Bagua-Copallín highway, km 4.5, Tomaque sector. Bagua. Bagua province, Amazonas department. APROCAM was established in 05/04/2013 and formally began operations that same year.


We are a leading cooperative in the marketing of quality products, which seeks the well-being of its members and the satisfaction of its customers.


By 2021, Aprocam is positioned in differentiated international markets, becomes competitive and sustainable, and operates in coordination under criteria of efficiency and equity.


  • Improve the position of APROCAM Brand, cocoa and coffee in the Organic and Fair Trade markets.
  • Increase the supply of cocoa and coffee with high quality standards.
  • Optimize skills and capacities of associates and administrative staff for APROCAM business management


  • Trust in APROCAM's business organization.
  • Discipline and Responsibility in total quality control.
  • Honesty and Respect for the commitments assumed.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility for the application of good agricultural and administrative practices.

Multiple Services Cooperative

It was founded on 05/04/2013

It is located in the department of Amazonas

Coffee: 235 hectares; 3292 qq.
Cocoa: 495 hectares; 513 Ton

Zero child exploitation

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